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Friday, August 16, 2002

One of those days...

It was the kind of day that started early, and is just starting to calm down. Though having started early I'm a bit too tired to do some serious writing. I may toss together another article for PopArtsPlace.com after I do a few more things around the house, I'm just not sure.

A friend and I watched Quest for Camelot tongiht. I hadn't seen it before. There were so many things that this warner bros film did that were totally un-Disney, which is neither good nor bad, it just meant that the expectations that one has going into a Disney animated film don't apply here.


There was one song that I was left wondering why they put it in... it really did not do much to define the character involved, and when slightly pointed back to towards the end of the film still didn't seem like the best way to have made that point. There were a lot of subtle things they could have done over the course of an hour that would have made their point brilliantly, instead there was a nearly 5 min. song that didn't really make the point.

Yes, I'm a writer, I watch films and wonder what would I have done differently, and there is a lot with those characters that I would have done differently. But I shall leave it there as I did enjoy the film... and even the bits that could be spotted a mile away were dealt with well and made me smile when they wanted me to smile, and cringe when they hoped I would cringe.

And, of course, I can't refrain from pointing out that Pierce Brosnan is a great King!

In the mail today I got my Stargate Sg-1 art piece from Light Speed Fine Art -- it is AMAZING! It is pictured on the same page as the Corin Nemec photos I took and let Light Speed use on their site. :)

Okay, for the moment I'm calling it a night -- if I do any PopArtsPlace stuff it'll get noted on the What's New in PopArtsPlace.com Blogger after all for every thing there is a place, and that would be the place such an announcment would have to be made!

• • • • •

Thursday, August 15, 2002

I like low key days!

Today was a basically low key day -- and I liked that. I wrote two articles for PopArtsPlace.com (they are in the events section for Comic Con 2002). One about Corin Nemec's signing, and the other about the Tribune Trilogy panel.

It's nice when your photos are liked enough that the folks who helped bring Corin to Comic Con, light speed fine art, post a few of your photos on their site. It's also a nice way to help get my name out there and a bit more visible. (The author's constant struggle I'm afraid.)

I've got a very early morning tomorrow (6 a.m.) so no movie for me tonight. Though I hope to enjoy at least one movie tomorrow after the daily grind, and I guess it comes as no surprise that I plan to watch Stargate on Sci Fi channel.

Stargate Season 1 is now on DVD

Stargate SG-1: Season 1 Gift Set DVD

As is Season 2

Stargate SG-1: Season 2 Gift Set DVD

• • • • •

Ocean's 11

Oceans's 11

I watched the original last night and enjoyed it. It took an hour to meet the 11 buddy's, many of whom had a bit of fun on the way in!

I'm sorry to say I saw the final punchline coming a mile away, but I loved it! All that effort -- so much work, and well, I won't ruin in the ending but there is at least one cliche that comes to mind and is oh so perfect a description for it!

Ocean's 11 (WS/DD/5.1)

It's no where near the high tech carefully choreographed heist of the George Clooney Ocean's 11 movie, but the rat pack and friends put on a show to remember!

• • • • •

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Mystery, Alaska!

So I decided to sit down with a movie and let the night slip away last night -- only to discover that Mystery, Alaska has some great messages, and definitely earned the praise it received. It's a great story about a team -- and lets guys know that talking bad about women when their back is turned is a massively bad idea that can do more than just "cause a headache."

Definitely a night well spent! And a lot of fun. Oh, and for the Rusell Crowe fans it's a great flick for him! For Burt Reynolds fans -- not his typical role, but well played! And what a kick to see Scott Grimes fight to earn his father acceptance even after he has the towns respect! (At least one assumes you have some respect if you are in the Saturday games. :) )

Mystery Alaska VHS

As for tonight, I've got this feeling Oceans 11 might be calling my name. No George Clooney though -- I may just check out the original rat pat flick!

Oceans's 11

• • • • •

Monday, August 12, 2002

My first blog entry!

i'm going to have to play around for a while to get the hang of how to do the things I want to do. Seeing how to make things look right etc. But this has the potential to be a lot of fun! :)

• • • • •

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