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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Soap Operas...

Several years ago someone asked if I'd like to interview for a job writing soap operas. In the end the interview never happened, but while there was a chance it might I decided I had best learn the formulas for soaps, how they are written, and what plot twists are good. I selected The Young and the Restless.

I've continued to tape it and have days where I will catch up on two weeks worth of episodes so I can follow the basic story lines without dedicating an hour a day to it. (I suspect if I were home every day instead of travelling so much I might consider watching it daily as I did for a short time.)

Since then I've also given Passions a try, and ultimately decided to stick with it. (Passions because people e-mailed asking what I thought of their Princess Diana storyline... which I had not heard of at that point. By the time I had watched enough to form an opinion I had also decided that Mackenzie Westmore who plays Sheridan Crane was worth watching, and I continued to tune in.

I've begun thinking PopArtsPlace.com may need an article on what makes soap characters good -- at least in the eyes of the current powers that be.

As of today I've decided point one must be -- they MUST jump to conclusions with remarkable speed, and be unwilling to consider any facts after jumping to that conclusion -- regardless of if they disprove or worse yet encourage the conclusion!

I'm tempted to write a comedy film in which the only noteworthy characteristic of the lead character is that they jump to wild conclussions and find all kinds of ways to explain them away as the only logical conclusion!

• • • • •

A unique movie viewing...

I have a multiregion DVD player. I got it so I could buy DVDs when I travel without constantly stressing over looking for Region 1 DVDs, the intent was for research related DVDs, the Diana ones I get in England, the history ones I get in Germany etc. However, being a lover of movies, I've gotten in the habit of picking up one fun DVD in each country to help mark when I was there, or just a movie that makes me think of the trip for some reason.

In Spain two months ago I picked up Zorro -- a good movie to have with Spanish as well as English it seems. But while I was getting it I also saw Dances with Wolves and for $15 knew I had to have it.

I watched Dances with Wolves tonight, using the English Audio track (idiomsa English) however I neglected to think about the fact that the subtitles on the Indian language portions would be in Spanish -- so I put my Spanish to the test with a movie I haven't seen in YEARS! (the movie was made in 1990) I was amazed how well I did, though there were times when I wondered if it was in the Castellian of the Barcelona region, or actual spanish as some things looked similar to words I knew, but not exact.

I was delighted I could comprehend enough to continue following the story line!

I never claim to speak Spanish, in fact I get a lot of laughter for being perfectly willing to tell people "yo no hablo espanol!" or simply "no hablo espanol!" It seems I have a decent accent when I do it as well which makes people think I am merely pulling their leg when in reality I can rarely come up with the words I want -- though I do okay with understanding the words others are using.

So while I can't think in Spanish, and I certainly don't dream in Spanish (a teacher told me once that when you dream in a language you know you are finally starting to learn it) I can at least follow along to Graham Greene and Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves (Bailando con Lobos)

(For more info on Bailando con Lobos check out DVD-Reviews.net and Bibocine.com which has some great background music!

Well, that's it for tonight.

• • • • •

Monday, August 19, 2002

One of those nights...

We just spent nearly 3 hours working on the site, and I am totally aware none of it shows. But the site should run better/faster/smoother so the goal was achieved even if it took a while.

I watched Ever After with Drew Barrymore last night -- I've got to respect that movie because it doesn't just hand the audience a neat and happy ending at the first opening. You think you are headed for happily ever after, after all it begins with, "what is it you say... oh yes, Once Upon a Time." :)

Ever After: A Cinderella Story DVD


Well, I'm calling it a night with hopes I'll get more done over on PopArtsPlace.com tomorrow. I've been going through the pros list seeing who I've seen/shot at conventions before and realizing just how awesome an opportunity it is to go out to San Diego each year for the comic con. I've met most of the original star wars actors (Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew, David Prowse, & Jeremy Bulloch), I've met a lot of the cast of B-5 (Tracy Scoggins, Jerry Doyle, Richard Biggs, Julie Caitlin Brown, Robin Atkin Downes, Patricia Tallman, Jeffrey Willerth, Walter Koenig, & Jason Carter), I've met three of the actors from Farscape (Virginia Hey, Gigi Edgley and Anthony Simcoe), and two from Stargate (Corin Nemec and Michael Shanks)! It is quite awesome.

Part of what I enjoy about meeting the actors and talking to them is seeing what of their personality they bring to a character they play. For instance, Corin Nemec is a bright young man, and he definitely brings that to the character of Jonas Quinn, and I for one think Stargate Sg-1 is lucky to have him on board.

I could go off on that for a while... but that actually feels more like a PopArtsPlace.com article so maybe I'll write that one up tomorrow and put it there. If so I'll let you know! ;)

I did not in the Blogger for What's New in PopArtsPlace.com that I posted an article with pics over Virginia Hey -- a positively wonderful woman who I am looking forward to seeing at Dragon*Con! We were quite fortunate to get her to record a greeting for visitors to PopArtsPlace.com! :)

Okay, now I'm going off line at last. :) (I'm feeling lazy tonight so please Go Here to see photos of the above mentioned actors. :)

• • • • •

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