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Thursday, August 29, 2002

Prepping for Dragon*Con

Just wanted to folks know that I'll be in Atlanta at Dragon*Con for the weekend.

I head out tomorrow (Friday) and will be there all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Getting back late late Monday night -- so this Blog won't be changing over the weekend... but don't give up on me. Cuz I'll be off workin' and comin' back with stories to share on PopArtsPlace.com

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Highlander End Game...


I will confess that when I first heard about Highlander End Game I could not resist the joke Highlander End Career. After all... if the game is over what is left for them to do. The hunt, the fighting -- that is so much of what the fans tune in for. The characters are fun, as are the trips through history -- but without the fighting and hunting would peole pay $10 to come back for more?

So I went into Highlander End Game with a bit of skepticism. If you discount two bits that seem to contradict the continuity of the series (didn't connor win the game at one point????? and didn't Duncan get told at one point he would never get to marry?) it is a far better film than I expected. In fact, if you take the continuity out of the equation, it is a film worth watching again.

The characters are as 3 dimensional as ever -- and forced to maketruly difficult decisions -- and live with the consequences.

So I'll quit with the end career jokes and simply start asking -- if the game is over does that mean Duncan isn't gonna come out to play any more?


• • • • •

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

The question has been asked...

I've been asked by several people what I do when I'm not watching movies, writing scripts or novels or generally living. The answer is genealogy. Another form of story telling, but far more grounded in reality. I have spent a lot of time over the past two years trying to piece together my family tree, and getting the family elders to tell me as many of the stories as they remember before they are all gone.

For those interested in a great source check out Ancestry.com. In fact, use this link to check it out with a
FREE 14-Day Trial offering Access to over 1.3 Billion Records

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Get Over It...

Well I can't Get Over It -- "Get Over It" was a much better film than I expected. With a cast full of recognizable faces like Kirsten Dunst, Ben Foster, Sisqo, Shane West, Swoosie Kurtz, Ed Begley Jr. and Martin Short this is a laugh-out-loud film that so totally understands teachers who have their own delusions of grandeur in departments where they do and don't belong, and a great understanding of relationships among young people as well. Initially it looked to be a high school flick, but given Martin Short plays a professor I suppose college is the target, er... location, of this film where a few brave folks decided that it was time to play with the bard, to not only dream but to put that crazy dream on the screen and see how folks reacted. My reaction? I can't believe I never even heard this was in the theaters!

Way to go Kirsten Dunst, Ben Foster and Shane West. They took a typical script with mediocre moments, and found the gems and keepers and tied them together beautifully!


• • • • •

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

We Were Soldiers...

We Were Soldiers DVD

A well titled film, for I came out of it thinking I was indeed a part of that we.

Where many war films seem to be little more than a string of violent images hung together with a claim there is a story and characters involved We Were Soldiers is a def. exception. The film takes the time to introduce the audience to characters that we hope to see survive the war. And perhaps even more compelling characters -- their wives!

Keri Russell (Felicity) is the sweet and innocent young wife of a soldier -- who shows a strength beyond her years. So many of the characters are placed into these horrible situations created by the war and it brings out their strength and draws them even deeper into the viewers heart.

When I first read reviews of this Mel Gibson flick I decided not to see it in theaters (I believe one of the quotes was to the effect of "between this and Hart's War movie goers will feel they are prisoners of war movies this summer.) but I now regret that decision. For as intense as the images are -- and as seemingly true to life the war footage is, this is not just a violent film, but the story of great characters who call upon one of their own (a character who never meant to shoot anyone with a gun but does) to make sure the world never forgets that the people on the field of battle are no different than us.

Hart's War DVD

I have to give special note to Greg Kinnear -- for I have always seen him in comical roles and yet he was truly compelling in this drama!

I wish I knew the name of one of the actresses -- and hate that the only description I can come up with is "the black gal" and yet she has a brilliant scene in which segregation is discussed, but I will have to find out her name and see what else she has done for I rarely if ever cry at movies (I may be so moved I think I could -- but rarely if ever do I actually cry) and yet I found myself crying when this brilliant actress tried desp. to refuse a telegram from Madeline Stowe and Kerri Russell. (I believe it is Simbi Khali but could be wrong)

We Were Soldiers is one of the few war movies I would recommend to those who want to watch a film in which they see a great collection of characters pull together and hopefully through some amazing circumstances.

• • • • •

Monday, August 26, 2002


So today I watched Clockstoppers -- and I have to say that movie was great fun! And the effects were beautifully done!

We watched the behind the scenes making of special bonus deal -- but it didn't explain how they did the effects with water which I thought were the most amazing. As you see in the trailer they freeze a spray of water. It's almost as magical as the thought of catching a moonbeam in a jar. And the effects are as beautifully done as the magical dream.

And go figure -- the movie has a story that keeps moving forward, characters that have depth, and a reason to watch through to the end. In fact, it is rare for me to never once check how far into a movie I am, and yet I did not look at the clock once during ClockStoppers! So I guess it's also a Clock Watcher Stopper!

Clockstoppers DVD

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