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Friday, September 06, 2002

Getting There...

Two weeks ago, give or take, I watched the Olsen Twins movie Getting There with a friend. Today another friend saw the DVD in my stack and suggested we watch it. I wasn't in the mood to disagree -- so watch it we did. There is something about this movie that just never gets there. I've been trying to figure out what it is and I'm not sure. The twins aren't handed any heavy material, but they make the most of what they are handed -- and the teens they are surrounded by are a good-looking and basically talented bunch.

The movie is about a road trip that turns out to be the road trip from hell, and an adventure to go to the Winter Olympics which turns out to be more of a misadventure. I guess part of what got me was the total lack of concept of money in the film. One minute these girls who seem to have never worked a day in their life are talking about having saved up money, and the next minute they are walking up to Southwest Airlines to buy a plane ticket for today and not batting an eyelash at the price. Even Southwest ain't free day of!

The twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, are talented girls -- but this material wasn't really up to the level one would expect for them. There were several long montages that weren't bad -- but made you wonder if they really needed that filler material to get the story up to 88 minutes when they started several things that they could have filled the time with quite easily, and perhaps much better.

I hold out hope for their future movies. These girls are trying to act their age, and bring their age to screen -- and it offers potential, I just hope they find scripts that live up to that potential.

• • • • •


I'm not really a baseball fan, and I can't say what prompted me to pick this movie up on DVD because I don't know really -- but it was wild to watch tonight given I was recently telling a friend about some old 8 mm film footage my grandfather showed me a few years ago of Babe Ruth playing -- and waving to my Grandfather and his camera. Seeing a movie in which the ghost of Babe was a character of sorts was very wild.

For even a non-baseball fan that was quite a flick -- way to go Billy Crystal. And THomas Jane and Barry Pepper and all the fine cast he pulled together.

• • • • •

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

PopArtsPlace.com has been my focus today. If you go to the blog there where I post entries you'll find that I've begun posting articles about the 2002 Dragon*Con.

Dragon*Con 2002 was, overall, a wonderful event. Though I must concede that when I first get home from any event the thoughts that run through my mind are those few things that would have made it "perfect" as opposed to just a great event. So I am afraid that my "initial reaction" report, which I have drafted but not yet posted, may reflect a lot of dreams for what would have made it better -- though if you read the articles I've already begun posting you will see it was a fun filled -- and laughter filled time.

In my spare time, when I wasn't drafting articles on Dragon*Con, today I decided to watch Pearl Harbor. The 2001 flick. Silly me, I thought, based on the title that I was gonna see a film leading up to and through Pearl Harbor... now I know they needed the third hour to get to a point beyond the tragedy and on to people trying to go on with their lives -- and they did a brilliant job of it. I can see why this film got so much talk.

The writer took the time to introduce us to the characters and made sure we had a slew of people we cared about when Dec 7 rolled around. And it was just as remarkable day as I always dreaded it had been.

So, on that cheery note, I'm offline for the night. :)

(There's a nice banner here with pics of me and several of the celebrities that were on hand for Dragon*Con

• • • • •

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Sorting through the pictures from Dragon*Con.

Lighting situations at conventions tend to be less than ideal -- and Dragon*Con was not an exception to the rule on that one. But here is a nice shot of me with actor Chris Demetral, a charming young man who knows how to deal with his fans, and made a lot of fans for life by dealing so well with them.

So with this photo I shall call it a night.

• • • • •

Home at last

Dragon*Con was an awesome experience. More than a bit overwhelming, and it is taking me a while to level back out to my low-key work environment after 3 days of being surrounded by crowds of people -- and not just people, but Spider Man and all kinds of caped crusaders and some people in the most amazing Renaissance clothing I have ever seen.

I can see why for years I've heard talk of Dragon*Con as a place SciFi Fantasy fans should go at least once to be able to say they've been. It is a truly unique experience.

Having landed at our local airport at 11:30 last night, getting back up for work at 8:30 this morning wasn't easy, and truly wasn't ever planned, but the phone rang and I've been doing my best to be coherent and logical since. (I think the first 3 hours were a waste though.) I feel for anyone who was at Dragon*Con and didn't take today off from work!

It's back to write ups about Dragon*Con for PopArtsPlace.com I just wanted to drop by the blog for a moment and assure people that I did indeed survive the weekend.

• • • • •

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