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Friday, September 13, 2002

Another day... another day

Not much to say for today -- I've been tossing around an idea for a movie script all my own, and a lot of today was spent trying to figure out how things would play out, and if it is worth taking the time to write -- the rest of today was spent on PopArtsPlace.com where I added a page on Judging Amy, and will be doing lots of TV articles as we gear up for the new season!

• • • • •

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Photos... photos and more photos

Okay, I've been asked when am I going to get more publicity shots done... the answer is November. But, until then, you can see me hanging out at Dragon*Con here. My publicity shots that were done last September are available here but as people have guessed my hair has grown since then, and the shots we do in November will feature my hair now past my knees.

The Dragon*Con album also contains photos of me at San Diego Comic Con -- again hanging out with some of the guests, and I think there are even a few photos in there from last years Plano Sci-Fi Expo, and San Diego Comic Con. I figure why not leave them up as they are pretty good photos.

Okay, the movie of the day, Sour Grapes!

Not all that great a title -- and nothing truly amazing in the film, but if you like Steven Weber or Craig Bierko check it out as there are some good laughs in there. Two cousins each feeling the other is being petty and little over something minor (them famous sour grapes) sets the film in motion and a series of just trying to get even with one another events leads to each just trying to keep their head above water. No belly busting laughs -- but not a bad movie either, just fun entertainment -- worth the $14 I paid.

• • • • •

Wednesday, September 11, 2002


I went today to see the new flick Barbershop and review it for PopArtsPlace.com -- now there is a slice of life film that is well done. It takes a look at the day in the life of the folks who populate a barbershop in Chicago and uses well developed characters to find depth and meaning. Everyone in the theater came out praising the flick and talking about how it made them appreciate their lives and what they have!

• • • • •

Monday, September 09, 2002


Gwyneth Paltrow's Emma is a movie I enjoy time and again. A great lesson in love --and just where one is best served looking for it!

• • • • •

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Anna and the King...

It's movies like this that can take me from someone who sees Chow Yun-Fat in a movie if he happens to be in it vs. someone who looks for Chow Yun-Fat in a movie. He conveys the power and struggles of a King beautifully -- and def. keeps his own opposite Jodie Foster.

This is another movie where so many characters are given depth, and are defined -- and with the DVD came some rather fun deleted scenes. (So your husband is a slave... and you call us uncivilized? She does correct him to voluntary slave!) What a shame that line didn't make it in to the theatrical release -- though maybe men don't find it as funny as I do.

Tomorrow will be another day of working on PopArtsPlace.com -- the goal is shopping guides to go along with articles, to help folks search the web for merchandise that relates to their favorite shows, and I have found a few good ones already. Tomorrow should just be a matter of figuring out the best way to present the links, and making sure I get the links right.

• • • • •

What Women Want...

I've always figured I wasn't the typical woman, but I did find it amusing that the ad they came up with for running shoes seemed to describe so much of my daily life. I don't wear lipstick, I do'nt try and dress sexy 24-7, and I don't worry nearly as much as the typical woman in that film -- though it was hilarious to see Mel Gibson trying to find his way through a marathon of all women runners, thinking like there was no tomorrow.

Ashley Johnson from Growing Pains has grown up indeed! And proven that when handed decent material she can do better than decent with it.

Delta Burke had me laughing with her secretary -- in fact almost all of the women in this film were remarkably well cast and did a great job with the material. Even the sub-plot based characters and the supporting cast were full 3 dimensional characters with stories all their own, for which I give the movie a great deal of credit.

• • • • •

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