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Friday, September 20, 2002

John Doe...

I'll be posting a review for this one at PopArtsPlace.com as I enjoyed it a great deal. The first 15 minutes, in which the main character has to acquire a bank roll, wasn't all that thrilling, but the next 45 minutes were enough to make me plan to tune in again next week.

• • • • •

Thursday, September 19, 2002

CBS Preview DVD at Blockbuster...

I saw the commercial and decided to check it out -- and other than the fact that it was VERY heavy on CSI: Miami, it was very awesome! I plan to check out Bram and Alice and Still Standing based on the previews on the DVD. :) Very entertaining.

• • • • •


I spent an hour speeding in the fastlane of TV drama/comedy tonight on Fox with Bill Bellamy, Tiffani Thiessen and Peter Facinelli and it was a blast! Here's hoping this show sticks around for some time to come.

(You can see my official review of it at PopArtsPlace.com

• • • • •

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Go figure!

So many shows have been airing commercials to get me all excited about the new season starting up -- and almost every one this week has decided to reair the season finale from last year! ;(

• • • • •

Monday, September 16, 2002

Television... Television... Television...

I know, I keep shouting it from the roof tops, but I was getting tired of digging around for an old movie I could find because it had been MONTHS since anything but Stargate showed new episodes... and Stargate quit! Now there's so much new and interesting television programming going on that I've got 3 VCRs working over time and I'm getting to review my beloved Television as well as Movie for PopArtsPlace.com.

I had to tape/miss Crossing Jordan tonight to go see Igby Goes Down, which I'm reviewing for PopArtsPlace.com tomorrow. I should rephrase that, as a few hours ago that is what I would have said, but having been to Igby I'm glad I went, and grateful for the invention of the VCR so technically I did not have to miss a thing!

Tomorrow brings the Season Opener of JAG -- and the ABC primetime bit with Regis and Kelly telling us what's ahead in the coming season! Should be a nice night to sit back, relax, and get in the spirit of TV once more. (Is it just me, or did the TV season used to start in late August?)

• • • • •

Another Day, another movie!

Ah, now this is my kind of evening. Declaring the war of the mice over, and caput in fact, I've gone back to my tried and true non-scrolling mouse and decided to settle down for a nice movie on TV. Kevin Costner and Robin Wright Penn (with Paul Newman for good measure) in Message in a Bottle. One of the few theatrical films I've ever seen on TV where I thought the commercial breaks had been built in.

I'll admit it, I like happy endings, when they fit the story, and this was the story of two people who fit well together, worked well together, and would have made a great couple if they could ever get it right, so the fact they never "got it right" or at least ended up together disappointed me, and yet it was a well told good story. One that almost makes me want to go rent it so I can see it without all those pesky breaks (CBS seemed to fit in more than the usual 5 billion tonight) and see how it flows minus the interuptions, that somehow didn't really seem to interrupt. (As if that makes sense.)

Well, tomorrow is another day of work. The new TV season is gradually starting so my PopArtsPlace.com duties will be broadening from just covering conventions (as always there is more Dragon*Con coverage yet to post) to also reviewing new TV shows as they pop up -- should be fun!

• • • • •

Sunday, September 15, 2002

The mice win!

I surrender, there will be no more attempts (5 failed attempts is more than enough) to put a scrolling mouse on my computer! It has decreed it does not want to scroll, so scrolling it shall not be forced to do! (I would like to know why the MICROSOFT mice had the biggest problem with Microsoft Windows?? But that is more morbid curiousity than anything else. :) )

• • • • •

Typical isn't it...

Some days are good, some days are bad... typical of yesterday and the way it went, I never made it to my blog to post anything!

I had the great mouse battle in progress most of the day -- all in the name of installing a mouse with a cute little scroll wheel that was supposed to simplify life. Okay, I'm sold on the wheel idea, just not that mouse! So I've gone out to get a new one and have it attempting instalation as I type. Here's hoping today is better!

• • • • •

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