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Thursday, November 07, 2002


Law  Order: The First Year DVD

I love the fact that so many of my favorite TV shows are coming out on DVD -- and I have to admit, getting an entire season at a time is a wonderful advantage. There are many shows that play well as marathons -- and Law & Order is one of them.

• • • • •

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

The battle of the computer is continuing as I try and get software back on there, and try to figure out if the new piece are indeed going ot make the darn thing happy -- so here's the wing and a prayer to it starting to work ASAP.


As for Winslow Boy -- listened to a large section of the commentary while I was making dinner tonight and loved it. Especially for Jeremy Northam fans, this is a must hear, as he gives out some interesting tidbits. Little things like his office scenes were filmed in the same house he did some scenes for Emma in -- and the House of Commons scenes were shot at the exact same place using the same sets that were used for scenes in An Ideal Husband. And those are just a few of the highlights from the commentary track.

• • • • •

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Winslow Boy

After the computer battle was declared over last night (the computer declared its victory and I couldn't deny the reality) I decided to sit down for a viewing of Winslow Boy.


I enjoyed this movie enough that I plan to watch it tonight with the commentary turned on. It is supposed to be the director, David Mamet, and three of the actors, Rebecca Pidgeon, Jeremy Northam, and Nigel Hawthorne -- the three leads of the film.

I listened to the first few minutes last night, before realizing it was actually this morning and I should head to bed, in which Rebecca Pidgeon noted that her real life brother, Matthew Pidgeon plays her brother Dickey in the film.

• • • • •

Yesterday was spent waging the ongoing battle with the death of a trusted computer, which happens to house most of my work related files.

End of the story, the motherboard called it quits, and so did I. Most basic repairs I can do -- new motherboard requires reinforcements! With any luck tomorrow will bring a much happier computer to the world.

• • • • •

Sunday, November 03, 2002

So today has been spent fighting the almighty battle known as a dead C drive on my primary computer... as you might imagine tht means little else has been done today.

• • • • •

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