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Saturday, November 16, 2002

My version of spring cleaning, in the winter.

I've spent the past few days watching old unlabelled videotapes. It's amazing how often I'll toss a tape in the VCR as I'm headed out so I won't miss something on TV, and then I either never find the time to watch it, or forget entirely where the tape was and what was on it. (Much less why I taped it.)

Right now an episode of UC: Under Cover has appeared and while I have no clue why I taped it (probably wanted to give the show a chance) there it is, and it isn't half bad. Course I think the show has long since been cancelled, which would definitely be a flaw in the system, but no system is perfect.

The upside is I now have a stack of 10 empty video tapes just waiting for the cycle to start all over again.

• • • • •

Friday, November 15, 2002

Piece of Cake.

I just finished Piece of Cake and this is a mini-series I highly recommend for someone who wants to spend a two in early WWII. It is a wonderful character piece with a huge cast that can be hard to keep track of, and yet every character is unique, and makes a definite impression on their comrades in arms, and the audience.

• • • • •

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Today I watched 2/3rds of Piece of Cake -- and I can't wait until after Primetime to watch the final DVD in the set.

This is a nice trip back to WWII, showing the complexities of being at war... and yet not yet at the front, but knowing the front lines are headed your way. So all you can do is train, and wait, and pray.


It's 1939 and the Hornet Squadron, a Royal Air Force group of Spitfires, is being assembled for duty in France. As the men prepare for action they must learn to deal with each other despite personality conflicts and class divisions. An excellent miniseries covering the early months of World War II and the Battle of Britain, featuring painstakinly accurate aerial battles and complex character development. Based on the novel by Derek Robinson. (Jeremy Northam is a member of the cast, though not listed in the promo descriptions.)



• • • • •

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

American Dreams...

I watched half of the run of American Dreams on tape today and was reminded of the fact that what draws me to this show is a talented cast bringing days gone by back to life.

This is not a put the pieces together show, and not really a show where you find lots of new things by rewatching episodes, though I did find it amusing that the "friend" Roxann drops Meg for at one point, is the snooty girl who possed in a catalog that appears later. There are a lot of characters that seem to drift between being an extra and being an actual character with lines and significance to the story. All in all a lot of fun -- just not the most complicated show to ever hit the airwaves.

• • • • •

Monday, November 11, 2002

I like Andromeda, and caught an episode last night -- but what has me pondering at the moment is the fact that I can't recall what happened in the episode. I remember quite clearly what happened on Firefly Friday night. I note that simply because they are not all that different types of shows, and yet Firefly is far more unique, and as a result far more memorable.

That said, I still enjoy Andromeda, and catching an episode last night was enough to get me to go dig out some episodes I taped last season and never had a chance to watch -- and I've got that tape playing now.

• • • • •

Sunday is perhaps the best night of the week on TV right now!

I can't get enough of American Dreams and Alias, two very different shows. But wonderful shows! Law & Order: Criminal Intent is a wonderful addition to the Law & Order family, and Boomtown is a new way to tell a good old fashioned story. As for the Practice, fantastic performances week after week keep me tuning in. (And yes, all of this is done with the help of my trusty VCR, as I also like to grab Becker to watch when I have a chance.)

• • • • •

Sunday, November 10, 2002

The battle of the computer is over -- and I'm sorry to report the hardware won and I have surrendered!

I watched Touched by An Angel tonight and was reminded how nice it is to watch real drama with real people. (Okay, I think the littlest Seaver from Growing Pains made a good turn as a teen tonight, but I might have the face slightly off, but I'm pretty sure that's where she was from, and while Crissy Seaver was never a real person, seeing her all grown up was an added bonus.)

• • • • •

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