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Saturday, November 30, 2002

A great little Soap Opera Trick.

The actors on soap operas have to shoot 50 pages, give or take, a day! That is a lot of dialogue for an admittedly larger than average cast to learn. I point out the cast size as there are more than your basic 5 people trying to learn all this dialogue day after day, but still there is 50 pages to be shot day in day out. Keep this in mind as I make a short list:

Saint Christine
That Precious Little Boy
scheming woman

These are just the phrases on the tip of my tongue. There is a lot of repetition of phrases in Soap Opera scripts. Danny Ramalotti's little boy was always that Precious Little Boy, and Phyllis almost always speaks of "Saint Christine" to the point Isabella started using it a while back, though she and Phyllis have hardly met!

The Illiad and Odyssey, Homer's great works, are said to be a written record of a great oral tradition -- and there again we have phrases that are used time and again. Homer also had a rhythm to abide by, the the Slim Ankled Athena (a polite way of saying she wasn't over weight, commenting on the one body part a man might hope to catch a glimpse of beneath a baggy and flowing toga that concealed a woman's shapelyness) was always one of my favorite Homeric expressions, simply because it was easy to remember.

It cuts the amount of unique dialogue an actor has to remember considerably to have short cuts like these... and having skimmed 10 hours of the Young and The Restless today, I'm reminded just how well they use thes shortcuts.

• • • • •

Friday, November 29, 2002


I have to admit this is a holiday that throws me for a loop every year.

Just as the "holiday" is winding down, and I'm ready for life to start back up I realize it is late Friday night, and I've still got the weekend ahead of me! For some silly reason this 4 day weekend always feels like 10-14 days to me. Then again, an imaginary 10-14 days off from responsibility and work does sound mighty nice now doesn't it?

• • • • •

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Cornbread actually worked -- and quite well at that!

So Gluten free cornbread is not only possible, but easy enough that I made it happen.

The Gluten Free Gravy, which uses Corn Flour instead of wheat flour, was okay, but came out too think, so I'll have to give that one another try.

Thanksgiving wasn't the traditional Gluten heavy feast, but it was good -- and of course the gathering of family, and calling friends to say Happy Thanksgiving, was a great deal of fun, and made for a very nice day!

• • • • •

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Just wanted to take a moment to say Happy Thanksgiving to the world before calling it a night.

Tomorrow will be spent seeing just how easy, or hard, it is to prepare and Gluten and Casein free Thanksgiving meal. Anyone with suggestions feel free to e-mail me suggestions.

I found a Gluten Free Gravy at Whole Foods! And I've got cornmeal and corn flour to try for cornbread, and if that works I may even see about truly cornbread stuffing, since all the mixes I foud contain Wheat Flour (aka Gluten). And I found sausage that doesn't seem to be too evil (in terms of Gluten and Casein). So this just may work!

• • • • •

I forgot on the Soaps...

When in doubt, be selfish!

• • • • •

Soap Operas...

When I'm working on basic tech stuff on PopArtsPlace.com I tend to have tapes of Soaps running, so I can try and keep caught up on the continuity I miss when I'm writing and can't stand to have the television on.

Anyway, I've had The Young and The Restless running for the last two days, give or take, and I've been struck, yet again, by the way soaps work.

When in doubt, leap to an assumption and even when it is clear it is ridiculous STICK WITH IT!

If you've ever disliked someone in the least, that can easily turn to hatred! And quickly! You can go from adoring to wanting to kill in two days (real days, that's 15 minutes in a soap world) flat.

When your character starts acting really goofy -- go check on your contract status, you may be on the verge of being written out on grounds of insanity! (Diane Jenkins... hmm, I do wonder how Mrs. Walter's contract is looking these days? About up by chance????)

And finally -- fans of Birds of Prey and a few other prime time shows need to take note, Shemar Moore and a lot of other very talented folks proved themselves with some of the most amazing scripts you've ever seen on daytime tv! (Michelle Stafford as Phyllis on The Young and the Restless is a shining example of taking an amazing script -- did she or didn't she try and burn down the pool house -- and running with it! Way to go Michelle Stafford!)

• • • • •

Monday, November 25, 2002

Store featuring Diana Tribute Items.

The Diana tributes store has come along nicely -- I'm particularly happy with the 2003 calendars, so pop on over and check it out!

• • • • •

Sunday, November 24, 2002

I get e-mail forever asking for more pics, more current pics, images of how long my hair is now etc. So I've posted a new photo album, Kay Kellam 2002 -- Out On Location with new photos out about about!

Lots of people have asked about images of my hair "up." My hair is so heavy that "up" is not something it does well or often. Braids are about the only way in which my hair can easily go -- but buns, french twists and a lot of the things most people can do with their hair mine does not easily do. Keep in mind I have roughly 45 inches of hair (yes nearly 4 feet!) and it weighs a few pounds. (No, we've never weighed it, but everyone who has ever touched has said it is very heavy.)

So imagine trying to confine four feet of rope, weighing two or three pounds, in a bundle on top of your heard, and you'll begin to understand why I tend to wear my hair either free flowing or in a simple braid.

• • • • •

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