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Saturday, December 07, 2002

Well I made it up to Dallas and back no worries.

Thankfully it was a beautiful 50+ degrees most of the time, which is great weather to drive in. No rain -- no ice! The Gods above were definitely smiling on me for the past 36 hours. But having spent the better part of 12 of those hours on the road I'm calling it an early night, and waiting until tomorrow to check out my latest Sunset pics.

But for now I'll leave you with the pic that is the front cover of the sunsets (and sunrises) Calendar I've put together. (As the old saying goes, it would make a wonderful Holiday present this year!)

• • • • •

Friday, December 06, 2002

Winter is not the best time for joyrides, and yet I'm taking a joyride up to Dallas to see some friends. Who knows, given winter sunsets in Texas tend to be quite dramatic and beautiful, and I plan to have my camera with me, I might even come back with some great new shots to share with all of you.

• • • • •

Thursday, December 05, 2002


• • • • •


A truly special evening...

I went to a party tonight full of people who worked with my grandfather before his death in the late 70s. I met people who had worked with him as far back as the late 30s and early 40s -- and still speak of working with him as a wonderful time in their life.

It is in wintertime that we tend to take time to appreciate what we have in life -- and I am very appreciative of these people taking time out during their festivities tonight to tell me stories of the good old days, when they worked with and for my grandfather. Those stories of a man whose life just barely crossed into mine is perhaps one of the greatest gifts anyone could have ever given me, and yet for them it seemed so effortless, and not only easy to do, but something they were happy to do.

• • • • •

Tuesday, December 03, 2002


With the holidays upon us we've decided to lower some of the prices on the Kay Kellam merchandise we've made available through the web. So, snap shots are available at lower prices than usual here. (4 by 6s are down to $1.50 and 12x18s have been lowered to $20) but the best place to find mousepads and such is here

Items featuring my photography of the tributes left to Diana outside Kensington Palace last year are here.

I've also tried having some of my photography turned into square tiles:

• • • • •

Reruns are beginning...

This is the not so fun part of the season... the time when we are high on life because of the November sweeps fun, and now reruns begin. And of course their favorite first rerun is the pilot. A reminder of how it all began for shows that first hit the air this season. So, it looks like I'll have even more time to catch up on shows I've taped.

• • • • •

Sunday, December 01, 2002

Almost up to date on The Young and The Restless!

Yet another fun rule of Soap Operas, pick a side and be on it 100%, even when it looks like the world's dumbest place to be!

Now Y&R has actually tried something new, a character changing sides, flipping from I hate you to I love you in 5 seconds flat, or better phrased all in the course on one conversation where the character actually listened to what the other character was saying. Something I'd been doing since the word go.

The Phyllis, Jack and Diane storyline has been a tremendous amount of fun to watch unfold, mostly because for once in my life I couldn't believe Phyllis would do it. She tried to run people over with a car in the past, so to say she'd never do something that would hurt someone is a challenge, and yet roasting someone -- and we're not talking with bad jokes, just didn't fit for her. Which takes me back to what fun it has been to watch this storyline unfold!

• • • • •

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