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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

PF Changs!

Not only do they have Wheat free Soy Sauce available, but if you tell them you are Gluten intollerant they can get a list from the back of items you can have as listed, or with minor modifications!

What a great restaurant!

• • • • •

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Thinking about Passions and Y & R

I was thinking today about the way soap operas have multiple characters going through very similar and yet hopefully different situations.

On Young and the Restless we have multiple couples being torn apart by parents who don't approve. Witness Raul and Brittany -- neither set of parents approves, J.T. and Collen, so far only her parents have weighed in, and Diego and Victoria, and given Diego and Raul are brothers I can only hope that Victor will not be the only parents upset with this match for long.

On Passions in December there were 4 weddings, and for each happily matched couple there was a lovelorn soul on the sidelines, yearning to be the bride in that wedding! Liz and Kay may have nothing in common, but both of them would give up anything, and perhaps everything, to have been the bride dreams are made of to the men of their dreams.

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