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Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy Valentines Day...

I know I'll be walking in to folks asking the endless question -- do I have a Valentine, so I'll just leave it with the vauge, I've received several valentines cards already today, and am delighted with each of them! ;)

I hope one and all have a wonderful day, as always.

• • • • •

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Good news for folks who've been wanting to buy something in our store fronts hosted at cafeshops.com:

Using a special coupon code, customers can receive $5 off purchase when they spend $40* or more.

- Coupon code is PREZDAY
- *Customer must spend $40 or more in products (that does not include shipping, tax and gift services) to qualify for the $5 off coupon
- Customer will enter coupon code, PREZDAY, at checkout to redeem coupon
- Coupon starts February 17, 2003 and expires February 28, 2003

So here's your chance to save $5 and buy the stuff you've had your eye on:

Lana Clarkson Items

Kay Kellam items including calendar, tiles, posters and more

• • • • •

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Life is rolling along nicely. Though I continue to feel like I'm going to spend an eternity playing catch-up from my two week trip.

In my state capitols album I've added more images.

Jackson, Mississippi,
Tallahassee, Florida
Columbia, South Carolina
have joined
Austin, Texas,
Baton Roughe, Louisiana,
Atlanta George,
Raleigh, North Carolina,
Nashville, Tennessee
So maybe, some day, I'll have a full collection of state capitol images for those who, like myself, have always wondered if they were all built from the same plans.

I've enjoyed receiving comments from people who have checked out my photo tribute to Lana Clarkson. She was an amazing young woman.

This year has already turned out to be very unexpected... and thankfully not all bad.

• • • • •

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Fried Chicken for this Celiac -- believe it or not!

Last night I had the most wonderful treat, after a year without, I had fried chicken. How wonderful! For those of us who can't have wheat flour or fried chicken the way the rest of the world gets to, Corn Meal Fried Chicken is a wonderful, and new found, treat.

The trick will be not having it every night in celebration -- for fried foods remain unhealthy regardless of what type of flour used.

• • • • •

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