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Saturday, February 22, 2003

Support This SiteAnother experiment in the kitchen...

Just had to note that I made a valiant attempt at Gluten Free Onion Rings last night. Won't say it was a HUGE success, as the cornmeal I had on hand and decided to use was a bit gritty, but I think some corn starch or finer ground corn meal and I could have another wonderful (if bad for the waistline) addition to my Gluten Free Casein Free Diet.

Celiac Disease may not be the most fun I've ever had... but I've never learned as much from being sick before either!

• • • • •

Some days the world is great and wonderful -- other days are full of fires, and tragedies... and a loved one having a health scare and going to the emergency room to be safe rather than sorry.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a new day -- full of light, and warmth, and happiness.

• • • • •

Tuesday, February 18, 2003


Support This Site

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Monday, February 17, 2003

For those wondering what my newsletter is like, check here

My most recent one was actually a copy of the post below, to make sure those who don't hit the blog daily knew about this wonderful sale being offered by CafeShops.com to help out customers get what they want, and save $5 in the process!

• • • • •

A special chance for you to pick up posters, tiles and more that you've been wanting, and save $5 in the process -- the fine print, order between 2/17 and 2/28. Spends $40 or more in products (not including shipping, tax and gift services) and receive $5 off your purchase when they enter a coupon code, PREZDAY.

So which items does this work on?? Anything in our stores housed at CafeShops.com, so you could use this discount for any, or all of the items below (click on them and let them lead you to other wonderful items... this is merely a selection to hint at the variety available:

Get a tile box:


A Large Poster:

A clock:

Or any, or all, of these coaster tiles:

And finally, I've made available a few items featuring Lana Clarkson, who I had the pleasure of knowing:

You should be able to mix and match items between stores, though you may need to type in the store id in the address line, after http://www.cafeshops.com type the name of the store you want, the names are:
<>a href="http://www.cafeshops.com/Sunsets">Sunsets

There are so many store fronts as we have currently selected the type of store that limits you to one of each type of item. THANKS!

• • • • •

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