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A place for Kay to experiment with being a blogger. (Designed for 800x600 resolution at this point... mostly because I haven't found a way to make a background
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Kay's Blog

Thursday, March 13, 2003

It is a BEAUTIFUL day!

It almost seems like Spring could actually arrive, and the cool air of winter might be ready to give us a break. At least that is a large part of what I'm hoping as I sit here typing... wishing I had invested in a wireless network so I could sit outside to type and magically print and surf the internet as required for research.

But alas, such multitasking is not available to this young author who is, like so many, tethered to the walls.

• • • • •

Wednesday, March 12, 2003


This is the bumper sticker I decided to order and check out, and I must say it turned out really cool! This is probably one of the better pictures showing just how long my hair is these days -- and the quality from the Cafe Shops is better than I dared hope for... so here's hoping some of you will find that out for yourselves during the SALE! (Items are as much as $5 off between now and March 23, 2003)

• • • • •

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

So I ordered a few things from my Cafe Shops -- if I'm gonna have my name on it I'd like to know the stuff likes nice... and I LOVE what I go! I ordered a mini poster -- which I have been encouraged to Autograph and toss up on Ebay, so I may do that... and a wallprint calendar with the sunrise over Jamaica that I just LOVE, and the bumper sticker turned out cool! Everything I got is great! So here's hoping some of you have a chance to check it out while prices are low!

(SALE! ends March 23)

• • • • •

Sunday, March 09, 2003


As part of our SALE! this poster is $5 off! So get it now for $20, or wait a while... and pay $25. (Posters are shipped separately from other items, for $5 at Super Saver Rates... so this $5 off sale makes super saver shipping FREE compared to normal!)

• • • • •

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