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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Words are your Wheels!

Participating in the Words are your Wheels program today was a lot of fun. I can't thank Wal*Mart enough for hosting such a wonderful event -- and for letting me be a part of it!

Each store had books on hand for me to read with the kids who came, and cookies and punch for the kids to enjoy while we talked about what fun reading, and writing, is.

I was also thrilled to be a part of two wonderful literacy charities receiving $1000.

I spoke at length with the folks from Literacy Austin and enjoyed it tremendously. To hear that they spend their time dealing with people who truly WANT to learn to read is wonderful. I found myself in total agreement when the Executive Director pointed out how many teenagers think of high school as a prison, and yet she deals with adults who would give anything for this chance to return to their education, and learn to read!

That $1000 that walmart gave Literacy Austin today will mean they have the money for 4 people to learn to read this year! Amazing to think a dollar a day could change another person's life.

As an aside, I had with me several fliers that mentioned the shirts I'm not selling with my "famous" quotes, and the one that got the best reaction was my personal favorite...

Don't forget I recently added items featuring the qupte:

• • • • •

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Just wanted to let you know I'll be doing a reading, and signing autographs for any who are interested, this coming weekend in Austin, Texas, as part of their literacy day celebration. With the slogan words are your wheels they hope to inspire folks to pick up a book and take their mind to a new place.

I'm hopeful this will prove to be a wonderful day for one and all! But for now, I'm mostly thrilled to know that Wal-mart is working to get local authors out to as many locations as possible to interact with readers -- and future readers, and remind one and all that there is always time to enjoy a good book.

For those who hope to have a chance to drop by, I'll be at :

Wal*Mart Store 1253
5015 I-35 South
Austin, TX 78744
Store phone: (512)443-6601
at 2:00 PM (local time) on Saturday, April 12, 2003

Wal*Mart Store 1185
1030 Norwood Park Blvd
Austin, TX 78753
Store phone: (512)339-6060
at 4:00 PM (local time) on Saturday, April 12, 2003

I look forward to seeing you there! (If you've bought something through one of my online shops please feel free to bring it by for an autograph. :) )

Link: http://www.literacyday.com/

• • • • •

So today brings a new background for the blog, and a lot of other little touches throughout the website -- but nothing can top the announcement of the Photo Sale! With pictures reduced in price anywhere from $1 to $7.

• • • • •

We've reduced prices on Still Photos. And as you make your way down the list you'll see prices just keep getting BETTER!

4x6s are now just $1.50
(regularly priced $2.50)
5x7s are now just $3.00
(regularly priced $4.00)
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(regularly priced $6.00)
11x14s are now just 15.00
(regularly priced $22.50)
12x18s are now just $18.00
(regularly priced $25.00)

Check out the photos here!

Or go straight to the album of your choice:

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Click Me to Go to a Listing of all the albums!

From there you can click on any album name to go to the thumbnail view of all the pictures in that album. From there either click on a picture to enlarge it, or click View All Albums above the Kay Kellam Photography Banner

and select another album to view. The albums are listed alphabetically and I have renamed the albums to bring the publicity shots and "hair" photos to the top of the list. But please take a moment to enjoy the travel and sunset photos as well! Some great photos await you in the Big Ben Album, the Striking Sunsets album, and in London -- Sights Around Town, you'll find some GREAT photos of St. Paul's Cathedral from Mary Poppins. (The Cathedral not the photos!
;) )

Still Photo Sale Ends April 24, 2003, at the stroke of midnight in Texas!)


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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Homeless to Harvard...

It is an amazing story of a girl who loses her mother to aids, and yet seems to think it is somehow oddly appropriate since she has been minimally cared for her entire life, and at the age of 15 found homelessness preferably to living with her dying mother, and a grandfather who she knew had beat and molested her mother and aunt. But at 17 (give or take) she has a revelation, knowledge is power... and with a little power in the form of knowledge she doesn't have to be homeless forever... she can gain the tools needed to make it in the modern world, and that's just what she does!

In 2 years she finishes 4 years of high school and applies for a NY Times Scholarship to Harvard, and as the title says, this young lady goes from being homeless to Harvard.

It is a well acted piece, in addition to being a remarkable story.

Perhaps the only disappointing part of the story is to hear this girl, who hoped to graduate with the class of 2004 "left Harvard in the Spring of 2003. She continues to pursue her college education. She still believes that the road will rise up to meet her." It would have been nice to know some reason for her leaving the school she fought to get into.

Turning in amazing performances in this pic were:
Thora Birch as teenage Liz Murray
Jennifer PIsana as young liz
Ellen Page was young lisa and teenage/adult lisa was Maria Clean
Marguerite McNeil as Eva

• • • • •

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Black Sash...

Another wonderful episode. My hopes are high that this show will remain on the air!

• • • • •


I've been catching up on more episodes of Passions, and have to admit, the Liz-Eve battle has gotten beyond old. There is nothing new or interesting there. Liz is playing with fire, and not caring one wit about anyone but herself, taking this character who seemed to have a good heart, or at least a HEART when we first met her to depths so low I've begun wondering if she even has a heart!

• • • • •

Looking forward to Black Sash, tonight on the WB!

• • • • •

Daylight savings...

it's a good thing my computer moves itself ahead an hour... but it is a shame my VCR doesn't!

Well, at least technology is there to remind my it is time to save some daylight, one of those things I frequently forget.

• • • • •

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