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Kay's Blog

Thursday, April 24, 2003

The ups and downs of a website...

I just wanted to let ya'll know that I'm aware the site has been up and down a bit over the past few days... a first in the nearly 4 years I've had it I'm grateful to say, but things seem to have stabilized now and all is looking VERY good! So hopefully you won't be seeing it down any more.

On a more cheerful note -- I enjoyed Without A Trace a LOT tonight. I respect that show for not taking easy outs, but facing touch decisions and handling them well. Tonight was another great example of not taking the easy way out to get a happy ending!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

The Still Photos Sale ends TOMORROW! So make sure and check it out.

We've reduced prices on Still Photos. And as you make your way down the list you'll see prices just keep getting BETTER!

4x6s are now just $1.50
(regularly priced $2.50)
5x7s are now just $3.00
(regularly priced $4.00)
8x10s are now just $5.00
(regularly priced $6.00)
11x14s are now just 15.00
(regularly priced $22.50)
12x18s are now just $18.00
(regularly priced $25.00)

Check out the photos here!

Or go straight to the album of your choice:

2001 - 2002 Kay Kellam Hair -- how long is it

2001 Kay Kellam

2002 Kay Kellam

2002 Kay Kellam -- Out On Location

20th Century -- Kay Kellam with other Celebs

Click Me to Go to a Listing of all the albums!

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