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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Bourne Identity (DVD)Bourne Identity (DVD)Tonight I watched two versions of the same movie -- the Bourne Identity.

Both movies had characters who thought their identity might be that of a man named Jason Bourne, and both thought they might not be a good person. Each movie had a leading lady with the character name Marie... though surname, homeland and occupation varried.

And each was a good movie, in its own way.

Richard Chamerblain and Jaclyn Smith starred in a TV Movie of the Week / miniseries approach to the story that Matt Damon took to the big screen as part of an Action / Thriller movie. And each were relatively good as far as their genre goes.

But given they are both based on the same novel I now find myself compelled to read the book and find out the real story!

• • • • •

Wednesday, May 28, 2003


Check out the Liberty Bear, on sale for $14.99.

We'd tell you when the sale ends, but we don't know, as this is part of a clearance thanks to CafeShops!

When they run out of bears, we run out of items at this amazing price!

(All military bears in the Kay Kellam shops at CafeShops are on sale -- so get yours today!)

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Tomb Raider

So I finally sat down and watched Tomb Raider.

While I would not call it the greatest film every made it was a fun way to spend some time.

• • • • •

Monday, May 26, 2003

Showtime (Widescreen)Showtime

A friend and I watched Showtime tonight on DVD -- not a bad movie.

The deleted scenes were interesting to watch as some of them, well lets just say I've never been so grateful that scenes were deleted! But others would have done a lot to tie up loose ends, keep plot lines in motion, and really add to the story -- but that is, in the end, why deleted scenes end up on DVDs.

• • • • •

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