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Friday, July 11, 2003

Life is crazy, but I kind of like it!

I was at a meeting full of fellow authors tonight -- and will be with them again tomorrow. Everyone went around the room and gave 30 words to describe the work of theirs that their attention was most focussed on this weekend.

It was a great deal of fun to hear the stories others are working on -- to listen to their ideas, and the angles they are taking. It was spectacular.

One lady had a wonderful "our of the frying pan into the fire" story that I truly hope she gets into print as I would greatly enjoy reading it!

Then again, almost all of the ideas I heard bandied about were ones I would enjoy checking out! They were all fascinating in their own ways.

• • • • •

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Getting ready for San Diego!

Well, I will confess I am delighted to see that Angelina Jolie and Hugh Jackman will both be doing signings Saturday at San Diego Comic Con!

I enjoy attending the convention every year, though I haven't done a signing there in the last few years, I love walking the aisles and meeting the fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy who gather at this wonderful event!

With the Tomb Raider and Van Helsing panels and autograph sessions it looks like this is going to be another wonderful year!

• • • • •

Monday, July 07, 2003

I know it has been a while since I've done a post relating to Celiac Disease -- something I live with every day of my life, and a battle which means I have to THINK long and hard about every piece of food I might consider eating to see if it is okay to eat, or if it will make me sicker than I even want to imagine beeing for 4 weeks, and start a spiral downward towards a death from starvation.

Normally I would laugh that remark off as me being melodramatic, but given I did nearly die from starvation/malnutrition at a time when I was eating 10 little meals a day and still hungry and gaining weight I must concede it is the tragic reality. It is also a remark that makes me take my need to think before I eat very seriously.

So, I ran across a website today, and wanted to share:

Celiac Sprue, also called Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where those affected cannot tolerate gluten, a protein in wheat, rye and barley. If celiacs eat gluten, even small amounts, the lining of their small intestines is destroyed. You may have a family member or friend with this condition. If so, you have probably seen the difficulty celiacs have trying to maintain a gluten free diet. Gluten is hidden in many foods such as soy sauce and chewing gum, it is even in some lipsticks and vitamins. It is especially difficult to raise a child with this disease or to find a nursing home to cater to the diet of an elderly celiac relative.

Within the past five years, major advances have been made in the fundamental understanding of celiac sprue. The Celiac Sprue Research Foundation is working to develop a pill that celiacs can take whenever they find themselves in a situation where they cannot avoid, or do not wish to avoid, a gluten-containing meal. Although we have no doubt that the Celiac Sprue Research Foundation will pull this off for you or someone you know, as well as millions of other celiacs worldwide (many of whom donít even know they are celiacs), we need your help to cover the Foundationís research and development costs. Though we are actively seeking funding from government agencies and pharmaceutical companies, for the first two years we are counting on donations from people like you. & me

Visit www.celiacsprue.org and click on the Just Give logo to submit a secure, online donation.

or you can make checks payable to: Celiac Sprue Research Foundation and submit to:

Celiac Sprue Research Foundation
P.O. Box 61193
Palo Alto, CA 94306-1193

• • • • •


Great Escape (Widescreen)

The Great escape.

This is a remarkable and wonderful movie. Filmed in a time when audiences would allow a story time to evolve, this is not a particularly fast paced action packed story, but rather a drawn out tale in which a dozen characters come to life, and are joined by 54 other characters, many of whom have familiar faces from other scenes, as they participate in the GREAT ESCAPE from a German POW camp.

Their plan is a simple one. Get as many people as possible out of a POW Camp and create a new front in the war with Germany -- a front within the borders of Germany. Make the Nazi's waste their time and resources hunting down their prisoners, and recapturing them.

12 of the POWs are returned to the POW camp -- and 50 are "shot trying to escape", none injured, all 50 shot dead. This movie was made for the fifty, and tells a brilliant tale of soldiers who refused to be counted out of the war simply because they had been captured behind enemy lines.

The Great Escape

I will definitely be adding the book this movie was based on to my summer reading list!

• • • • •

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