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Saturday, July 26, 2003


Swing Kids (DVD)

Swing Kids...

This movie is wonderful! Set in 1939 Hamburg, Germany, 2 young boys are unique individuals -- and Hitler's Reich is not going to tolerate such a thing.

• • • • •


Star Trek Nemesis (DVD)


I watched Star Trek Nemesis tonight -- and have to admit it was better than I expected!

Not the most amazing film ever made, but not a waste of time.

All in all a nice way to spend two hours... with some decent intros to the deleted scenes as well.

My one disappointment was that Wil Wheaton was in the film... and ignored! What's the deal with that??? He is a talented actor -- who does well with whatever he is handed script-wise. So why have him on screen and not even acknowledge he is there???? Ah, the mysteries of life continue.

• • • • •

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Home at last...

It took FAR longer than it should have to return to Texas. A simple 5 hour journey wound up taking most of 20 hours, and included more frustrations and upsets than I feel like laying out here.

By the time I arrived in Texas I found myself doubting I would want to ever fly anywhere again. That said I am scheduled to be at Dragon*Con the end of August, and will undoubtedly have to fly to get there. Here's hoping I never again have a trip in which 2 suitcases are damaged, I'm served expired food on the airplane (it had expired a MONTH ago!) and have serious damage done to items in my checked baggage. Add to that an unpleasant and SHORT night spent in an airport hotel and you might just start to understand why I found the entire episode one I wish I could forget.

• • • • •

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Still in San Diego!

My flight should have taken off by now -- but I'm relaxing in the lounge while waiting for the plane to arrive.

A good 3 hours later than scheduled we hope to take off and head back to wonderful Texas. Leaving behind the busy busy schedule of the San Diego Comic Con and returning back to every day life.

• • • • •

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