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Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Who are your ancestors

• • • • •

Unforgiven, Burt Lancaster -- Audrey Hepburn.

Unforgiven (DVD)

What a fabulous film!

The attention to detail is great, there are things that make sense, and are so subtle that it takes a viewing or two to realize they took the time to put it in there, to lay foundation for things to come without being painfully obvious about it.

And while the film ends with a glimmer of hope, we are not handed a simple happy ending, just left knowing life is complex, and somehow we keep flying on through it.

All in all, well worth a viewing.

• • • • •

Monday, August 11, 2003

What on EARTH were the writers at The Young and The Restless thinking??

I know, old territory, but I'm watching some tapes and just have to ask... why do this???

First they get us accustomed to the new Billy and Mac, then they go and make them first cousins and write them off!

These were wonderful characters that the audience had grown to LOVE!

Yes, it made a good twist for the Katherine and Jill storyline... but to basically destroy two of the younger characters that they had been setting up as part of the next generation to rule Genoa City is aggravating at best.

Here's hoping those two come back to become the Victoria and Nick of Jabot!

• • • • •

Once A Thief

Once A Thief (DVD)

This was a wonderful way to spend 108 min.

There were some excellent fight scenes, some dialogue that was downright funny, and a story line that was enjoyable enough the bits that made no sense whatsoever did not trouble me in the end. I was able to set that aside and simply move forward and enjoy the film.

The only truly BAD part of the film was the voices selected for the English dubbing, especially since Chow Yun Fat can speak in English. But as I said, despite the frustrating voices who I think really did the best they could with the available material, the movie was great fun to watch.

• • • • •

Sunday, August 10, 2003

The Moments we live for...

Don't ask me why, perhaps I was simply in a morbid mood of sorts, but I needed a friend to remind me tonight that there comes a time in life when we live for the moments. Moments when we laugh, and touch another life, maybe not the way we used to, but touch it just the same.

I saw someone today who has touched my life in a thousand little ways over the years, and today it was her brilliant laughter at a small joke that gave me such pleasure, and made me come to realize that whatever challenges she is facing, she faces them with strength and courage, and determination, because she looks forward to them moments of life that are fun, and special.

• • • • •

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