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Friday, August 22, 2003


End of Summer

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Sunday, August 17, 2003



Oddly interesting on this DVD set was the deleted scenes in which we came to realize they went through four versions of the scene where Harry's pronunciation lands him in the wrong shop. The scenes varry largely, involving the Malfoy's, and not, and offered a bit of a reminder that directors have decisions to make in how to push a story forward.

In this case, should they tell us up front that Malfoy Sr. really is, at least a bit, evil.

Not a bad movie, but a LONG three hours. The story rambled a bit, and had parts that could have been tied back together a lot better, which would have prevented some of the rambling feeling.

Not sorry I watched it, but doubtful I'll find another three hours in which I'll want to watch it again.

Official Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Final Poster featuring Harry, Ron, and Hermione

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Random Hearts (Widescreen)

Not sure I'll toss this in my rewatchable stack, Random Hearts was neither great nor bad.

It was a slow movie about two people, one of whom was desperately looking for answers, the other would have happily turned a blind eye. And somehow, just knowing their spouses had an affair is enough to pull them together.

One character points out, and rightly so, that they have survived something horrible together, and found the only other person who can truly understand... but is it enough to intertwine their lives the way it does? It wasn't for me. So I watched, but didn't entirely believe -- which makes this film hard to want to rewatch, despite it being a well shot, nice to look at film.

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