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Friday, September 05, 2003

Yup another street team. :)

(DVD set is in stores Oct 7)

Though this one I will comment on.

Hercules drifts from the actual legends and oral history, but if this show is enough to excite people about classical civilization and get them to go looking for the truth, and realize Hercules was not politically correct, and did in fact father 50 children by 50 sisters in one night... then the show has done something many many teachers have tried for years to do.

And for those who simply get a kick out of looking at Kevin Sorbo -- the street team has some nice pics in the web gear section. :)

• • • • •

Avanti (DVD)Avanti!

At Dragon*Con someone asked Juliet Mills about Avanti, in which she starred with Jack Lemmon under the direction of Billy Wilder. Well, just hearing the three of them worked together was enough to get my curiousity up -- but when she referred to it as a wonderful experience all the way around, and a film she still looks back on fondly I decided I had to check it out... and I'm glad I did. What a fun film.

The basic premise is two people come face to face in Italy when they are both informed they need to pick up the body of a deceased parent -- his father and her mother. What he doesn't know is that his father was having an affair with her mother -- and they'd met for a month a year for the past 10 years to carry on this affair.

Well, there is a great deal of fun along the way, as this movie shows just how much fun, and how funny, romantic comedy can be.

• • • • •

Thursday, September 04, 2003

It is amazing how much traveling can mess with a person.

I've been back from Dragon*Con for the better part of two days, and I still have stacks of mail to open, billions of e-mails to read and catch up on (I'm still behind from my trip back in May! :( ) and of course I've writting I want to do.

Just to update those who care on the writing front -- I am of course writing articles for PopArtsPlace.com (most recently I provided all the content, meager though it may be, for the Dragon*Con page. Highlighting just how much fun a person can have in 4 short star filled days. (I should note short in that there isn't time to do everything, but too long in that you start seeing the same people over and over and over again as you mill around, giving the last two days the feeling you are living your own version of the movie GroundHog Day. Hmm, that might just be an idea for a movie!)

Anyway, back to the writing. I started a novel back in July, and the first draft is completed, making two novels I've completed this year (though the other one I started back in the mid-90s) and now need to sit down and do rewrites/revisions on. In one I think a character's name may have accidentally changed in the final chapter -- hmm, there are down sides to knowing you write best at 1 am.

Well, I took over 400 pictures at Dragon*Con, and still have pictures from MegaCon and San Diego that I promised the folks at PopArtsPlace I'd get ready for posting, so it looks like I will stay busy... and behind on e-mail, writing etc, for a little while longer.

• • • • •

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Back from Atlanta and though I'd toss up a shameless plug for "A Life to Di For"

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