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Saturday, September 13, 2003


Road To Perdition (Dts) (DVD)

Some movies are just well put together, and I would put Road to Perdition in that category.

The dialogue isn't wasted, rather one thing sets up the next and as the movie flows and unfolds it isn't 100% predictable... well, maybe for the mob-bosses in the audience it was, but rather it showed that people in a incomprehensible lifestyle do things the rest of us wouldn't, and in the case of one man, does things he prays his son never will.

Paul Newman says at one point that "we're all murderers in this room... and none of us is going to heaven." Tom Hanks looks back and says, "Michael Could!" And that right there sums up the motivation for this character, and everything he does.

He may be a horrible man who does horrible and unspeakable things, but you can not doubt a father's love, or even that he is on some level a good father, when he says he wants his son to live a life that will get him into heaven.

• • • • •

Friday, September 12, 2003


I was sad to hear June Carter Cash, who accompanied Johnny Cash to the set several of the days that I worked with him on Renegade, had passed away four months ago -- but now to have lost Johnny as well!

A friend once told me, when I was mourning a loved one, that a bright light in the world had gone out... and I was mourning because I had noticed.

Johnny and June were two of the brightest lights you might ever encounter. Warm, kind, caring -- and a bit mischevious (Johnny who might look serious and was decidedly dedicated to his craft had a great sense of humor, and even pulled a prank on me) I mourn because I met them, for a few days I might have even known them, and I will carry them in my heart forever more.

(This photo was taken by a friend on the set of Renegade in 1996)

• • • • •

Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Gangs Of New York (DVD)

Having heard a great deal about Gangs of New York I was amazed it took a nearly 3 hour movie to tell so little story. There was however a lot of violence, and kernel of a compelling story hidden away in it... but there were too many times when I was begging the writers to keep it moving and get on witht he story we thought we'd come to see.

I may watch it again, and see if knowing what the movie really is, instead of watching the trailer and knowing what 1 editor thought the movie was, makes a difference -- as there were a lot of parts I truly enjoyed... and maybe that will make the movie seem better in time.

• • • • •

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