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Friday, January 09, 2004

Asleep at the Wheel of Life!

The Oral Surgery pain from the end of October flowed into most of November, with the pain finally starting to ease on Dece 3! On a bus to Hidleberg my body had a divine revelation of sorts -- pain sucks! So it put an end to it. (That's the tame version. If you know about Sequestrations {floating bone chips} then you have an idea about the pain I was in for 33 days.)

A week in Germany taking pictures that I hope to color balance and sort in the near future was wonderful, despite a sad lack of snow! Actually, there was snow, the day we left... in Chicago! Go figure. I head to Germany for snow and find it in the good old US of A while changing planes.

I returned home Dec 6 to find out a beloved family member had passed away, and am still reeling from the loss. They were young, fit... in the prime of life with far too much of it yet to live. Acceptance is slow in coming.

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