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Kay's Blog

Friday, January 23, 2004

I hate to admit it... but I fall for it.

Free Shipping

That free shipping is so hard to resist, that I end up buying $25 worth of books when I only went looking for one or two... but who really wants to pay for shipping, especially when odds are if I checked every Barnes and Noble in the county I could probably have the books today?

Well... at least they offer the free shipping!

• • • • •

Thursday, January 22, 2004

The wonders of technology.

I've spent some of my spare time recently scanning family photographs -- and been amazed at the way a simple home computer, combined with a simple scanner, and the use of a website like www.dotphoto.com can make digital prints that look so very much like the originals.

My grandfather had a darkroom in his house when my dad was a boy, and at the time that was the amazing technology. I remember as a kid wanting to learn how to have a darkroom of my own, and through the magic of technology it almost feels like I've made one for myself!

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