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Friday, March 05, 2004

Because, well, just because...

So I had this stray strand of hair today, you know the type, the ones that shed when you aren't paying attention and you find on your sleeve or shoulders, and I got curious, so I took it over to the handy dandy yardstick and measured it (something I have yet to figure out how to do with my computer)

Drumroll please...

Since so many people ask how long my hair is, and I never think to confess I'm somewhere between 5 foot 3 and 5 foot 4 when I give those answers... this particular strand of hair was 54 inches!

Not bad give I recently guessed I had about 4.5 feet of hair!

Actually, the more I think about it the more I realize my hair has gotten a lot longer than I ever intended. (My elbows was the longest I ever really thought it would grow, but being too lazy to get haircuts does tend to have side effects... like long hair.)

• • • • •

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

This Actually Works.

I know, we've all seen that line a few thousand times in junk e-mail, but I promise I have done this with great success. ($15 in gift certificates for Barnes and Noble so far, and I've been at it for a year or less, so not HUGE money if you do it the lazy way, but still, money for doing it the lazy way.)

Make Every Purchase Count - Join MyPoints!

You earn points by opening e-mails and clicking on a link to a website. At 5 points per click it sounds like it will take forever, but I've gotten over 1,900 points in about a year. (I joined sometime in Feb of 2003.)

You can also get points for making online purchases with companies that are associated with mypoints, and I may have done a few of those, but I stick to my regular purchasing habits online and don't really let MyPoints dictate what I buy or where.

I'll get credit if you just sign up to check it out... so of course, from a rather selfish perspective, I hope this might appeal to a few of you.

• • • • •

Monday, March 01, 2004

Hair pic finally posted!

Yes, I have finally found the time to color balance and post the latest pic of how long my hair is.

The photo was taken in Feb 2004, apologies for no 2003 picture for those wondering just how fast the hair grows, and a note to mention that I did have two pretty serious haircuts last year and think I cut off around 5 or 6 inches total, so I guess if I had not done that my hair might be touching the floor!

• • • • •

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