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Kay's Blog

Friday, March 12, 2004

I think I did it!

I think I managed to catch up on the letters from ya'll that had sat for far too long in my inbox... at least I hope I caught up. I hate seeing that inbox with 1,000 messages begging to be answered when life calms down enough I can face the task.

I have been writing, a lot, lately, with 4 books finished, and needing to be re-read if I ever have a sane mind with which to do it, and one getting very close to being ready to send off to an Agent. All in all a great sense of accomplishment, but I find the real world much harder to deal with when I'm happily drifting in one of my own imagining, especially when I'm back in the 1940's, a simpler time, before e-mail even existed. When phone calls were too expensive to make... ah yes, I have been living a lot more like my characters of late... with gas prices encouraging me to keep my world small!

(For those wondering, TX is averaging around $1.50 to $1.60, the worst I paid on my trip to CA last month was $2.05, though I've heard it has gone past $2.20 just since I was there.)

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