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A place for Kay to experiment with being a blogger. (Designed for 800x600 resolution at this point... mostly because I haven't found a way to make a background
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Kay's Blog

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

FYI, prices will soon be changing on pics... and I wanted to give folks advance notice.

We sent out newsletters about this via AuthorsDen and CafeShops, but for those of you not on either newletter the info is as follows:

Current vs. Anticipated New Prices are:
size current $ ... new price
3x5 ... $1.00 ....... $3.50
4x6 ... $2.50 ....... $5.00
4x6D... $2.50 ....... $5.00
5x7 ... $4.00 ....... $7.50
8x10... $6.00 ...... $10.00
11x14 will remain $22.50
12x18 will remain $25.00

4 pack of wallets will go from $2.50 to $6.00

Under Create Gifts the Canvas print prices will be going up as well.

11x14 currently $50.00 will be $70.00
16x20 currently $65.00 will be $85.00
18x24 currently $80.00 will be $95.00
20x30 currently $100.00 will be $120.00
24x36 currently $110.00 will be $140.00

If there is an image you would like to have on canvas and the resolution looks insufficient, please e-mail us at newsletter@kaykellam.com and we will make every effort to arrange for a higher resolution image to be uploaded.

In most cases the highest resolution image has already been uploaded.

We regret that we are having to raise prices, but hope as many people as possible will be able to place orders before the changes take effect...

These prices are good on ALL ALBUMS, to see other images using the link below select view all albums at the top of the web page you are taken to. You will be taken to a page that previews the first picture in each album.


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