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Saturday, May 22, 2004


I have to admit, I adored the movie... not because it was the story of the Iliad, which I enjoyed when I read it in college, but because it was an entertaining movie.

For those wondering just how accurate it is... I spent the first five minutes reminding myself this was not the Iliad brought to the screen.

For the most part the Gods and Goddesses are removed, and characters are changed and adjusted to suit the needs of the film's makers. (Paris was never sent off to die as a babe, but instead grew up with his loving brother Hector... and no sister, for example.) For me that was a glaring difference that made me decide not to look for any others.

But, back to those of you wondering how accurate the movie Troy is, compared to Homer's Iliad, I found a nice summary of the Iliad online and hope it will help others.

The two characters that "troubled" me while watching the movie were Briseis and Patroclus, so, to answer my own questions... Briseis is a slave given to Achilles, but in this summary I see no relation between her and Hector. Keep in mind the Trojan war lasted 10 years, and the Greeks spent those ten years raiding every village they could get near for food and supplies... and brought back all they "took" to their encampment outside Troy.

Likewise Patroclus is not a cousin of Achilles, but someone with an even more intimate relationship... and Achilles is indeed angered into rejoining the war when Patroclus dies.

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