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Friday, August 20, 2004

I hope technology never ceases to amaze me, both in terms of how quickly it progresses, and how prices go down after new and amazing becomes old hand.

I still remember the first time someone showed me a DVD... then I found out about "burning DVDs at home" and now even that sounds incredibly affordable!

BMI 25-Pack DVD+R In Spindle $7.97

May be enough to get me burning DVDs!

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Thursday, August 19, 2004



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It's the Olympic time of year.

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It doesn't get much easier than this:

Got some digital pics you've been wanting some nice quality old fashioned PAPER photos from? Well, Click Here and print a coupon for 25 FREE digital pics from your local target store (not valid online) then take you digital pics on over and get prints without waiting for them to be shipped, much less paying for shipping.

From what I can tell this set of free prints is truly free.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Make Every Purchase Count - Join MyPoints

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With MyPoints.com you get 5 points for simply reading e-mail they send you and clicking a link to acknowledge you read them... making the points add up relatively quickly, and easily, at 5 to 10 points a week from minimal effort. Sign up for a newsletter here, and a free trial there, and soon you'll have more points than you expected.

But what are these points REALLY good for? As of today the site says:

Up to 750 Points

Donation to the American Red Cross Only 150 Points
$5 Barnes & Noble Certificate Only 750 Points
$5 Applebee's Gift Certificate Only 750 Points
Sam Goody $5 Gift Card Only 750 Points
Media Play $5 Gift Card Only 750 Points
Mrs. Fields $5 Dollar Gift Certificate 750 Points
Mrs. Fields $5 Savings Certificate Only 500 Points
Sun Coast Motion Picture Company $5 Gift Card Only 750 Points
$5 B. Dalton Booksellers Gift Certificate Only 750 Points

And the more points you save, the better the deals get, for example:

The Barnes & Noble Gift Card is available in various denominations:

$5 Barnes & Noble Gift Card Only 750 Points
$10 Barnes & Noble Gift Card Only 1,250 Points
$25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card Only 2,750 Points
Barnes & Noble Booksellers Gift Cards are good in-store only.

So take a moment and join MyPoints.com (On the update account information page you can tell them not to send you any e-mail... and with the aid of the MyPoints Point Alert download your computer can pop up a window to let you know when you are at a site where they will reward you for every dollar spent. I believe BN.com is 2 points per dollar.)

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Monday, August 16, 2004

First a quick note to acknowledge I have been ROTTEN about answering e-mail since April, and for that I apologize to anyone who accounts for 1, or more, of the 900 messages in my inbox. I think I'm going to pick a day and just attack the blasted inbox until it is a reasonable size. (Empty.)

Second... pictures are now available for download as well as ordering prints! In celebration of this new level of availability a lot of pictures are available at "discounted prices" compared to the prices we intend to set and keep as of Oct 1.

Sale Prices are:

Screen Res - $1.50
High Res --- $10.00

We are currently planning to set/keep regular prices at:

Screen Res - $2.50
High Res --- $15.00

Web Backgrounds are priced at:

Screen Res - $4.00
High Res --- $10.00

We are significantly discounting the State Capitol pictures with hopes that will make them more accessible to school age children...

Screen Res - $1.00 (the lowest price we are allowed)
High Res --- $3.00

I hope all that makes sense.

• • • • •

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