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Kay Kellam has been telling stories for half her life. Raised in a family where most games were based on creativity and the imaginative power of the mind, she and her siblings spent years learning to please the toughest of critics – one another!

This liberal arts College graduate took advantage of every work and educational opportunity to travel abroad and experience the real world. So far, Kay has traveled to 36 countries, and jokes that she hopes to keep it at more countries than years she has been alive. She lived in London during an education abroad program. British Commonwealth Countries receiving multiple visits include Australia, Canada and the British West Indies, and former colonies such as Hong Kong and Singapore. She has also visited more exotic locales such as Istanbul, Turkey, and St Petersburg, Russia, just prior to the coup in 1991.

Having reconciled what she sees around her with her utopian ideals, Kay has taken to writing her stories down, and sharing them with the world. She is eternally grateful that her entire family has supported her in this adventure, offering kind words and emotional support at every turn in the road.

The Author and Publisher will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this novel
to charity in memory of the lessons of Princess Diana’s life.

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