Glimpses of the World Around Me

A few years ago Kay began writing short pieces about the world around her as a fun activity to keep her creative juices flowing when she needed to take time to think about her main projects, like "A Life to Di For."

Here is an opening passage that she wrote to help explain why she enjoys writing these pieces so much.

The Strangers in My World

    A few years ago when I was on vacation with my family I had what, at the time, I thought was a revelation.  The essence has never left me, and recently I was delighted to run across the exact words written in a journal from that trip.

A person I meet for only 5 minutes provides better material for a character in my writing than a friend I know, because the former allows me to jump to conclusions where the latter is entangled by knowledge, fact, and experience.


It is easier to know a stranger in a concrete fashion because you are not bothered by conflicting fact and information.  A stranger provides a single concrete impression that need not be re-examined.


    Throughout the years I've met many people, each with a story to tell, and a story to influence, and the thought reoccurs to me from time to time.   Some days a stranger will take the time to share just a few words, or will accidentally do something we notice, and prompt even more thoughts...

Someday, when I think of you, I'll smile and remember all the lessons you'll never know you taught me! 

    Please take a moment to explore the short stories from this series, we will be posting new ones often to please check back from time to time.


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